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Chicago Artist Parnell Drops “Signs Of A Sleep Walker”

Born and raised on the south side of Chicago; Parnell gained a passion in rapping at 16. Heavily inspired by artist's such as Travis Scott, Drake & Mac Miller and Jimi Hendrix...

Check Out Chicago Artist TayOG New Single “Bussin”

TayOG is a Hip Hop Artist from Chicago IL. Check out his latest smash hit single Bussin (faygotussin)! Listen to “Bussin (Faygotussin)” By TayOG Rebelution Bussin (Faygotussin) http://www.revocproductionsmusic.com

Urban Sensation ”YVNG VIRAL” Drops Highly Anticipated Album, “UNKNOWN WORLD”

After dropping the hit singles' “Broken Child” and “Baby Blues'', urban sensation ”YVNG VIRAL” follows up with his very first highly anticipated album, UNKNOWN WORLD presented by BIGFACE MUSIC WORLD. UNKNOWN WORLD is...

Dolla Plaza To Relase “Parole Model 2 The Book” on August 1st

Sometimes, words aren’t enough to express a person’s true emotions and crude feelings. In such times, what a person really needs is a medium of expression that truly reflects what goes on...

TheNameIsBishop Goes R&B On “I Wanna LOVE U”

ThenameisBishop just released his new r&b/hip hop type flow on “I Wanna LOVE U”. This song is a sort of feeling yourself put the kids to bed it’s time for some cookies and...

TheNameIsBishop Is Back With “You Already Know Though”

Uniontown PA rapper TheNameIsBishop COMES BACK PREPARED for people who sneak diss him or talk behind his back.Here’s his brand new song “YOU ALREADY KNOW THOUGH”.

Young D Shares His “Poetic Reflections” On New Album

Small town southern artist hailing from Houma, Louisiana, Young D, is an elite lyricist with vocal tone and rhyme cadences that are comparable to some of the best to ever grab a...

Rapper KeithWritesMusic Has A Lot To “Celebrate”

Eclectic, mesmerizing, and dynamic are the adjectives being used to describe emerging Hip Hop artist KeithWritesMusic. He is a young music maverick impacting the lives of people in a positive way. The...

Derek Lemire