Chicago’s Own BPE Dat Relli Takes The Industry By Storm


Esteemed Chicago rapper BPE Dat Relli fell in love with music when he was just an infant, so naturally he’s passionate about the true art of music. Growing up in what he’s coined “get it how you live” lifestyle, Relli chose to stray from the street life even when unforeseen tribulations shadowed him. This did not deter Relli from stepping into the industry. He is cut from a different cloth, and both his open mind and versatility as an artist won’t allow him to be boxed in and he’s proven to chart tops in all genres. His emotive stage performance and energy is unparalleled which continues to expand his fan base both nationally and internationally.

“I’m a natural born leader who walks to his own beat.”

Not only is BPE Dat Relli a celebrated master of ceremonies, but also an entrepreneur. He’s embarked into several endeavors one being Bando Relly, his sneaker brand and the other Twerk Dat Azz Moscato. Connect @bpedatrelli on all platforms to stay connected.


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