DJ Hot Rod – In Hot We Trust


Sherod Harris, better known as DJ Hot Rod, is a professional Disc Jockey and personality born and raised in the city of Queens, New York. Falling in love with music and getting started in the industry back in 2002, DJ Hot Rod became well-known and admired by his peers and colleagues at a unprecedented fast pace. Intrigued with his self-taught talents, he began to spin at local clubs such as Secrets, Club Lust, Taj & the 40/40 Club in New York as well as XTC in Costa Rica and familiarized himself with popular promoters to jump start his career. DJ Hot Rod has a captivating way to capture the moment and move people onto the dance floor. Fast forward to today, DJ Hot Rod has recently spread his wings internationally again by playing in Costa Rica at resident venues such as The Living Room and Black Marle. DJ Hot Rod has made a name for himself by not only being a great Disc Jockey, but also giving independent artists a platform to be heard. In 2018, he started the Hottest in the Streets showcase to highlight independent artists. DJ Hot Rod aspires to continue setting trends worldwide by connecting the world to music one song at a time. You can follow DJ Hot Rod on Instagram @DJHotRod


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