DJ Mr Famous & B.Morgan Link For “Wanted” Single


Every woman will feel more than “Wanted” after pressing play on this heated single by DJ Mr Famous and B.Morgan. The acclaimed duo of celebrity DJ and Jamaican American R&B sensation along with O.Banga (co-producer) kick off the first quarter of 2022 eager to please the ladies. “Wanted” also comes with a dance contest offering $1K and choreography featured in the official music video.

“Wanted” exudes Afrobeat vibes taking listeners back to summer nights on the beach. The flirty vocals are sure to get hips moving and grooving. Although B.Morgan shines light on all beautiful beings, his eyes are set on one. To keep her by his side, he will do anything to rouse her mind and body. The tenacious flirting along with island melodies resonate throughout the track and underline B.Morgan’s desires. Stream “Wanted” and connect below.

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