FSG Rell – More Than A Rapper


FSG Rell, an intriguing new Pottstown, Pennsylvania artist, has arisen from obscurity in 2020 with an aggressive street flow, crafty wordplay, unique charisma, and an undeniable grassroots following. In the underground, Rell built an unstoppable presence from the ground up with a collection of popular songs like, “Win,” “Fed Up” and the latest track “Big Money Shit.” Acknowledged by Hip-Hop in 2017, the rising star has released five albums which include last year’s breakout project, Ambition Over Fear. Today, the thriving star releases his anticipated new album, properly-titled, More Than A Rapper.

Rell’s new album follows his 2019 effort, Lil Schwenko, and regarded as the new artist’s best work yet. “More Than A Rapper is an album that I sought to showcase more of my lyrical side of music instead of just trying to make hits,” FSG Rell explains. “More Than A Rapper tells my story in life, I give insight into my street life, my love life, what I think is missing and also how my confidence about myself came about. This album also has more videos on this project than any of my other projects with four of them. I upgraded my features from other projects to more well-known artists such as battle rapper K Shine, more well known upcoming artists such as Ahna Mac.”

More Than A Rapper includes 13 new songs with new fan-favorites, “For You,” “Double 9’s” and “Partners in Crime.” Stream it here on FSG The Label. For more FSG Rell news, follow the new sensation on Instagram.


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