Kendalldejaun Pulls Off The Ultimate Robbery In ‘WYARN’ Visual Single


Kendalldejuan is breaking the sound of Detroit-bred R&B in the visual for “WYAN.”

Reaching deep into his bag, KD delivers a certified late-night creep anthem on “WYARN” via his hypnotizing and nuanced vocals layered over the mesmerizing production of the record.

“Where you at right now/ I’m on your side of the city/Baby, I know he’s not around/Cause why would you hit me if that was his pussy,” KD rap-sings on the intro chorus. In 2020, ITSAW Publishing artist Kendaldejuan delivered a flurry of interest-piquing releases including his tender two-pack Motion Picture EP.

KD has remained busy in 2021 as well with the release of “WYARN” following his recent audio single “Feel It.”

Stream “WYARN” below.


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