Mr. Scratch Hook Enlists Hip Hop Vets For New LP ‘The Book Of Mr. Scratch Hook’


Critically acclaimed DJ & producer Mr. Scratch Hook enlists Hip Hop vets for his new album ‘The Book of Mr. Scratch Hook.’ The 13-track project features Sadat X, Chris Rivers, Thirstin Howl The 3rd, King Magnetic, Mikey-D, DJ Heron, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Mic Mountain, and that is only naming a few. The album is also accompanied by an animated video titled “Droppin Bombs.” Mr. Scratch Hook also known as DJ E.Rex shows off his mastery and also reminds audiences/listeners how vital the element of DJing is.

Watch the animated video for the lead single “Droppin Bombs” Featuring Sadat X and Mic Mountain

“Dropping Bombs’ captivates all five senses and strikes with distinct, vibrant colors that encompass minutes of in-your-face, unmatched bars. It’s evident that Sadat X and Mic Mountain can out rap any competition and their lyrical bout flows effortlessly over Mr. Scratch Hook’s blend of melodic tones and theatrical basslines and drums. “Dropping bombs, keeping it raw” bumps throughout the video and is sure to resonate long after.

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