ShaiVA – Earth Is Hell (EP)


ShaiVA is one of the most promising artists out of Virginia. His new EP, “Earth Is Hell,” has been making its rounds after his new partnership with Bentley Records. “Earth Is Hell” is an album that further details his life in his home state. Some people hoop, some people go to the service, and others try to make music. ShaiVA uses his aggressive but introspective music to leave a lasting impression on others. From massive 808’s to conscious flows, you will hear many styles on this album. ShaiVA is very in tune with his fans and will look for anyone for feedback.

Stand out tracks like Hallo, Dear America, and Lawless Game are what make ShaiVA unique. Material things do not mean much when you are operating on a higher level. Life is short, and ShaiVA wants his fans to make the most of it because he sure will.

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