Snoopy Levert Is Knocking Down Barriers, One Beat At A Time


Snoopy Levert is best known for his bassed out versatile trap beats. With over 10,000 followers and subscribers on social media. The engagement with his content has grown over what was expected. Since starting, snoopy levert levert has worked with everyone now and from the past Columbia, South Carolina scene. In his hometown snoopy levert has collaborated and performed with mostly all of the great producers that have come out of Columbia. Snoopy has performed all over the south, including grazing the Ugly Money Showcase in Atlanta. Snoopy levert has released so much music over the years, there’s not enough space to list. When asked why his beats are so different, melodic, yet trap. Something no school can teach. One second you hear chords on the melody. Next, 808s booming thorough the speaker. snoopy levert says “I have worked with some of the best producers in Columbia before they blew, so I know the sauce, I am the sauce.” snoopy levert truly beliefs that he will blew and be successful with the beats because of his pure passionate for building beats from scratch. snoopy levert blends his inter-city heritage and creative imagination, to create a musical journey that is equal parts energetic and raw. snoopy levert has cemented himself as a reputable producer. With a diverse array of sounds and obviously looks, snoopy levert continues to create musical experiences that echo inspirations from his life. snoopy levert initially started music at a very young age. So creating music comes natural. Since before high school, he knew, “Music is something I could never grow tired of.” It only makes sense, he has gone on to produce many great eccentric tracks, with many to come. He has created magical experiences with various people in the industry from Jazze Pha, to Quality Control’s Mr. Too Official. There is no telling who’s track he will ended on next, so make sure to follow him on social media @snoopy levertLevert. Though many have inspired his career, there are some key people in the industry that has helped him get his foot in the door. Doors and barriers he continues to knock down, One beat at a time.

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