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Single: AlexZander (@WhatsUpAZ) – “Hollywood”

AlexZander is a name that has been steady circulating throughout this Tent-TV area. "Hollywood" is a follow-up to the homies "Spirit + LaGuardia" track, showcasing just how all over his talents and...

Single: AlexZander (@WhatsUpAZ) – “Hollywood”

Not to be confined to just a one-trick pony with his content, AlexZander from Detroit, Michigan is an eclectic mind that knows exactly how to use his sound to his advantage. Begin...

(A)lex(Z)ander (@WhatsUpAZ) – “Shepard Of Leopard: An Ode To R&B” (Album)

With the numbers booming high for the overall project, Detroit R&B star (A)lex(Z)ander cooks up a sensational tape titled Shepard Of Leopard: An Ode To R&B. Listen to some favorites titled "I...

(A)lex(Z)ander (@WhatsUpAZ) – “I Want You”

Going in for the ladies! Detroit crooner (A)lex(Z)ander let's a hot new single titled "I Want You" fly for the masses this quarter. Listen in now!

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