Caleb Brown – “Moment”


21-year-old Baton Rouge native Caleb Brown’s patience is about to pay off, as his “Moment” has finally come to the forefront of everything he’s been working towards. Backed by his DJ Khalil produced track, Brown’s latest single is brought to life with the help of GT Films behind the lens of his new video.

“I feel like I finally got my moment” is more than a statement by the Rostrum Records emcee, it’s the overall theme of the way he carries himself throughout the song, and you don’t need to look any further than the video for evidence of that.

Set up in a mansion he could only dream about as a kid, Caleb brings his family together to break bread and make memories, while they enjoy the finer side of life. He also takes time to reflect on what it would be like to have a conversation with Nipsey Hussle, calls out some politicians who did more harm than good, and drops his Caddy top for a ride with a fine female companion.

While Caleb Brown’s dreams of making it have arrived, he’s merely halfway up the mountain, with a promising climb to the top ahead.


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