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“A man that sleeps on the floor, cannot fall out of the bed.” – Martin Lawrence

Straight out of Brooklyn comes rap artist Mauley G, who has become a viral sensation last year when he posted his single, “For The Gang” on social media. The response was instantaneous, with over 1M views. Right then and there, Mauley knew that music was something that he wanted to do.

Inspired by artists such as Wiz Khalifa, Big Sean, and Chief Keef, Mauley G’s music portrays life in motion, music that the youth of the streets can relate to, for his music follows no guidelines and holds no boundaries, making the exact reason why Mauley stands out from other artists.

With over 25k followers on Instagram, Mauley believes that being humble will get you where you have to go. “The reason why I like that [Martin} quote so much is based on humbleness,” Mauley G explains. “If you stay on your humble, you can never fall off.”

Mauley’s goal in this industry is to expand himself from being more than an entertainer, he hopes to land in acting, modeling and in time, becoming an entrepreneur with his own label. Until then, he plans on making a stash box full of music for the fans, including a remix of his viral hit featuring G. Herbo & J. Green and his new single “OMG”, whose visuals, directed by GoddyWoddy, you can check out below.

IG: @_mauleyg

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